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Mental Health in the Workplace

World Mental Health Day was created to encourage dialog about mental health, promote mental well-being, and remove the stigma surrounding mental illness. This year’s theme is Mental Health in the Workplace.

Depression in the workplace may look different than how it actually feels. Don’t wrongly assume your colleagues are lazy when they may actually be struggling with mental health issues, such as depression.

Unfortunately, some people may turn to gambling, which can either serve as an escape from mental illness or as a cause of mental illness. For a complete list of available resources, please visit our Get Help page.


More legalization is on the horizon with 19 states progressing on some form of legal sports betting

For the first time, in the International Classification of Diseases #ICD11, WHO is classifying gaming disorder as an addictive behaviour disorder so now we can measure how many people are affected.

There are 3 common types of gamblers – professional gambler, social gambler & problem gambler. The problem gambler often believes themselves to be a professional or social gambler. Learn more at https://t.co/TtEpjcpQae.