A Day in the Life of a Responsible Gambler

Play the interactive game and learn more about what it takes to be a responsible gambler.

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Community Toolkit

Resources for community organizations to help spread the message of safe gambling practices, problem gambling warnings signs, and more. 

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A community support forum that connects people whose lives have been affected by problem gambling. Hear stories, share ideas, seek support, and more.

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Get Set Before You Bet


Are you set to bet? Gambling is a large part of Ohio’s entertainment industry with over 76,000 adults who identify as problem gamblers. Get Set Before You Bet’s goal is to provide people with the tools and resources needed to gamble responsibly.

Our Mission


You can gamble
more than money.

Gambling can have a high reward but also a high risk. The desire to win can sway players into taking more chances, even with their hobbies, finances, and relationships.

The Issue

The signs are not
always obvious

Ohio is home to over 919,00 people who are at-risk gamblers. Learning the signs can help identify someone with the potential to become a problem gambler.

Tips and Resources

know the risks
before you bet.

Do you get set before you bet? Take our quiz to gauge your problem gambling risk level.



Help Nora Get Set

Test your knowledge by leading one of three characters through a day in the life of a responsible gambler.

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Responsible gambling
starts with you.

Get set and keep gambling
fun and responsible.

Are you set before you bet?


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