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Why Are Loot Boxes Dangerous?

Online gaming continues to increase in popularity. But as their popularity increases, so does the frequency of adding in-game features that mimic gambling. Many games look and feel like traditional games, but when looking at certain features – especially loot boxes – it’s easy to see how online gaming and gambling are connected. Gambling is […]

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COVID-19’s Increased Impact on Alcohol Consumption

While many Ohioans are getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and most state mandates have been relaxed, our understanding of the pandemic’s impact on mental health is just beginning. According to a study conducted by the US National Library of Medicine, using alcohol as a coping mechanism for unwanted feelings like anxiety, depression, or loneliness has increased […]

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Sports Betting Resources Launched

Did you know that over half of American adults have placed a sports bet, and almost 57 million play fantasy sports? With online and mobile apps becoming more accessible – and the possibility of sports betting becoming legal in Ohio within the next year – experts are concerned more people will develop a problem with […]

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