16th Annual Ohio Problem Gambling Conference: Mitigating Harm. Maximizing Effectiveness Don’t Miss the Annual Conference

Don’t Miss the Annual ConferenceThursday, Feb. 28th & Friday March 1st The 2019 Ohio Problem Gambling Conference will once again feature presentations from both local and national experts. This year’s keynote speakers include: Thursday: Dr. Rachel A. Volberg   Research Associate Professor in the School of Public Health and Health Sciences at the University of Massachusetts […]

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Superbowl 51: Illegal Betting & Gambling Problems Addicted gamblers desperate to bet and unable to control their gambling are particularly susceptible to abuse by bookies Wednesday, February 1, 2017, Washington, DC One concern about the massive amount of illegal betting on Superbowl 51—estimated at $4.5 billion by the American Gaming Association—is the relationship between illegal […]

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Happy 2019!  We are officially one week into the New Year, and working hard to maintain our New Year’s Resolutions.  Was your New Year’s resolution to stop or reduce your gambling?  CONGRATULATIONS!  Did you know that about 45% of Americans make at least one New Year’s Resolution, but only three out of four of us […]

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A class of drugs called dopamine agonists, used mainly to treat Parkinson’s disease, has long been suspected of causing strange psychological side effects, such as compulsive gambling and sexual activity. But a meta-analysis published today in JAMA Internal Medicine aims to settle the question and change the way doctors, patients, and regulators handle the drugs. The analysis […]

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Senators Take Lead

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) has welcomed consumer protection measures contained in the new bill published by Senators Orrin Hatch and Charles Schumer this week on federal oversight of sports betting. The organization stopped short, however, of taking a position on the overall legislation, adding that it remains neutral on legalized gambling. The bill, if passed, would make provision […]

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Making your New Year’s resolutions stick.

LOSE WEIGHT? CHECK. START EXERCISING? CHECK. STOP SMOKING? CHECK. It can be daunting when your list of New Year’s Resolutions is as long as your holiday shopping list. In addition to the post-holiday slump, not being able to keep your resolutions by February, March or even late January may increase your anxiety. When your holiday […]

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Holiday Triggers and How to Avoid Them.

The calendar has reached Christmas Eve – and at Get Set Before You Bet, we’d like to give the gift of encouraging words to those struggling with a gambling addiction. We know it’s not the easiest time of the year. Holiday traditions can be triggers that reignite the urge to gamble. While family and friends […]

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If problem gambling is causing issues in your life or the life of a loved one, we encourage you to take our 2-minute responsible gambling quiz. https://t.co/wLzTcjxPjb

There's a growing backlash against video game “loot boxes” – in which players pay for a chance to win digital goods. Read about how the Federal Trade Commission is now getting involved: https://t.co/8gYLUCm3nP

It’s a big day for NASCAR fans, the Daytona 500! If you plan on betting today, make sure you bet responsibly. https://t.co/cWtoI0cvSW