Is Sports Betting a Gateway to Problem Gambling for Teens?

For many children in Ohio, sports betting is now the first form of gambling they will ever be exposed to. Whether they are seeing advertisements for it on TV that feature sports celebrities, encountering media or influencers who talk about it on the internet, or seeing a family member place bets, sports betting has made […]

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How to Keep Digital Bets Responsible and Secure

Not so long ago, gambling was something people mostly did in a physical location. They went to a casino or racino, bought lottery tickets at the store, or sat down to play the slots. But the arrival of legal, widespread sports betting on smartphones and online changed all of that. Now the majority of sports […]

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Know These Signs of Gaming Addiction

With video games increasing in popularity with people of any age, and many video games now including gambling-like mechanics, the lines between problem gambling and gaming addiction are becoming increasingly blurry. Recognizing the signs of someone who might be struggling with gaming addiction is important, since they may already be at risk for or have […]

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Alcohol Use and Problem Gambling: What’s the Relationship?

Many people may not think of alcohol and gambling as being closely related. However, three out of four individuals diagnosed with gambling disorder also have a co-occurring alcohol use disorder. And when casinos are presented in movies or on television, they are often portrayed as places to enjoy an alcoholic beverage and gamble at the […]

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Ohio Cracks Down on Sports Betting Advertising

Sports betting advertisements are now appearing everywhere in Ohio: on television, on billboards, and even on your smartphone. The tide of advertisements is coming at the same time as problem gambling experts across the state express concerns about a rise in the number of people experiencing problem gambling. That’s why, in addition to promoting responsible […]

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College Athletics and the Risks of Sports Betting 

With both March Madness and Problem Gambling Awareness Month in full swing, problem gambling-related issues are receiving extra attention. One such area is a recent development brought on by the legalization of sports betting in Ohio: a rise in the number of college or high school athletes who could be at risk for a problem […]

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