A Helpline Call That “Literally Saved My Life”

Cindy had been gambling for about three years before she began to not recognize herself anymore. She was borrowing money, sometimes without asking. “I had hurt people, and I’m not that kind of person,” she said.  And she was struggling with her mental health. “I didn’t want to continue hurting others and I didn’t want […]

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Boost Your Health With These August Events

August is National Wellness Month, a perfect opportunity to reset your intentions for 2022 and see how you want to prioritize your physical, mental, and emotional health for the remainder of the year. National Wellness Month was established in 2018 to foster community, connection, and wellness. Of course, choosing wellness takes effort from all of […]

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UK Officials Consider Banning Loot Boxes for Minors

As gambling continues to expand worldwide, responsible gambling advocates are seeking to make gaming safer for children. The line between gambling and gaming can quickly start to blur for youth, so groups are working to push for gaming regulations. Before You Bet has a past blog post on gambling regulations that could impact the United […]

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How Sports Betting Could Impact College Students

From fantasy sports and card games to online gambling and sports betting, there are many opportunities to gamble on college campuses and in their communities. In fact, three out of four college students have reported engaging in some form of gambling.  With sports betting and different forms of gambling expanding in Ohio, the risk of […]

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#SportsBetting can put a lot of mental pressure on athletes. But a new program from Sportsradar is helping reduce the impact of sports betting on professional athletes’ mental health. Read more about the program: https://bit.ly/3zMSK1A #BeforeYouBet #SportsGaming #BreakTheStigma

It only takes two minutes to gauge your risk. Take the free quiz today at http://BeforeYouBet.org/the-quiz
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An alliance of 15 child advocacy groups is calling for a FTC investigation into video game loot boxes in games that kids play and that can mimic gambling behaviors. Learn more in this week’s blog: https://bit.ly/3QVelv1
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