Ohio Cracks Down on Sports Betting Advertising

Sports betting advertisements are now appearing everywhere in Ohio: on television, on billboards, and even on your smartphone. The tide of advertisements is coming at the same time as problem gambling experts across the state express concerns about a rise in the number of people experiencing problem gambling. That’s why, in addition to promoting responsible […]

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College Athletics and the Risks of Sports Betting 

With both March Madness and Problem Gambling Awareness Month in full swing, problem gambling-related issues are receiving extra attention. One such area is a recent development brought on by the legalization of sports betting in Ohio: a rise in the number of college or high school athletes who could be at risk for a problem […]

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UK Gambling Commission Study Finds Youth Gambling is Common

Sports betting has brought countless changes to the problem gambling landscape. And with Problem Gambling Awareness Month taking place this month, one area of change has been drawing particular attention recently from responsible gambling advocates and prevention professionals: the impact that sports betting will have on youth.  Because their brains are still developing, children and […]

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March Tips Off Problem Gambling Awareness Month and March Madness

March is an important month for responsible gambling in Ohio. For the first time since sports betting was legalized, March Madness basketball games will be tipping off in two major cities in the state — Dayton and Columbus — at the same time as responsible gambling advocates are spreading the word about responsible gambling practices […]

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Sports Betting Promotional Offers: Not “Risk Free”

It’s been a common sight in Ohio sports betting advertisements recently: a promotional offer to start betting, seemingly for nothing. With legal sports betting having started in the state this month, sports betting operators are using promises of “risk-free” bets to lure new customers to their services. But all bets come with risks, and sports […]

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