Problem gambling warning signs

Unlike substance use disorders, the signs of gambling problems may not be as noticeable or apparent. However, there are emotional and behavioral changes that suggest someone may have a gambling problem. Someone may have a gambling problem if… They exaggerate gambling wins and downplay losses. They are secretive about where they go and the money […]

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5 healthy summer habits

Summer is in full swing! All the sunshine, warm weather, and outdoor activities can give people the nudge they need to adopt new healthy habits. Here are 5 habits to embrace this summer and in every season! Stay hydrated.Drinking enough water is a must, particularly in the hot summer months. One simple way to drink […]

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6 risks factors of online gambling

Online gambling possesses a unique set of risks. Combined with the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, online gambling can be especially tempting and destructive for those with gambling problems. Why? Here are 6 risk factors of online gambling: Easy access. In just a few clicks or taps, gamblers can access games and betting opportunities right […]

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Play it safe with youth gaming

In the US, 70% of families have a child who plays video games. As COVID-19 continues to keep people indoors and turns usual schedules upside down, kids are spending more time gaming. For them, it’s a way to connect with friends, have fun, and occupy their time. But all that gaming can lead to unintended […]

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Ways to steer clear of online gambling and support recovery

As people continue to stay home and practice social distancing to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus, some may be more vulnerable to mental health struggles or destructive coping behaviors than others. For those on the path to recovery from gambling problems, the addition of isolation, stress, and financial uncertainty combined with easy, unlimited […]

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Veterans, active military at risk of problem gambling

Today, America honors the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Memorial Day also serves as a reminder to support the many veterans and military personnel struggling with mental health issues and addiction, including problem gambling. Active military membersAccording to the National Council on Problem Gambling, as many as 56,000 active duty […]

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Ohio’s Warm Transfer Project to provide after-hours support for problem gambling

The Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline is available 24/7—and soon clinician support will be too. To connect those calling after business hours (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.) to services they need, the Problem Gambling Network of Ohio (PGNO), along with the Ohio Problem Gambling Advisory Board and Ohio for Responsible Gambling, is launching a new warm transfer […]

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Fall begins tomorrow! Celebrate the new season with these healthy eating ideas and tasty tips: https://t.co/itwkxsjRyS

Are you or your loved one struggling with gambling addiction? Free, confidential help is available 24/7. Connect to services and resources at https://t.co/gh9uTN3Tqw #ResponsibleGambling #RecoveryIsPossible

Take a Mental Health Moment with the video series presented by Prevention Specialist Jeanine Lindquist of the Zepf Center in Toledo. Check out this video on learning to cope and explore the entire series on YouTube: https://t.co/BkXIuGw00U