A Brief History of Gambling

Gambling has evolved a lot in recent years with the help of handheld technology. But the original idea of gambling has mostly remained the same over millennia. Gambling was around before man invented the minted currency. Before people would bet money, they would gamble on their belongings like food, land, or livestock. After the first […]

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How At-Risk Are Children of Online Gambling Ads?

Content marketing on social media is becoming a way advertisers reach children online, posing risks for children who are engaged in online activities.   So, how does content marketing work exactly? By posting online ads that stimulate interest in a brand, companies do not explicitly mention the product or service they’re trying to sell. Instead, the […]

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Five Easy Ways To Get Organized This January

Does the aftermath of the holiday season have you itching for a fresh and organized start to the new year? If you answered yes to that question, you aren’t alone. Whether it’s the pileup of new gifts, containers full of holiday leftovers, or boxes of holiday decorations that need to be put away, the post-holiday […]

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Digital Detox 101

An estimated $23 billion is spent annually to make apps, playing online games and social media harder to stop. Considering many apps are marketed to two to seventeen-year-olds, young children and teens are being placed at a higher-than-ever risk for developing addictive tendencies that mirror adult gambling. Studies have shown that in the United States: […]

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What Could Augmented Reality Mean For Problem Gambling?

The online gambling world is always changing as technology continues to improve. One of the latest technological advancements in online gambling is augmented reality.  Augmented reality (AR) gambling mimics the real-world surroundings and interactions of real-world gambling through an app. This means that AR can add items, characters, audio, or a user interface to everyday […]

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Online Gaming Trends By The Numbers

More people are talking about — and playing — video games than ever before.  According to a recent research study conducted by Twitter, 91 million adults talk about gaming on their social media platform. Whether it’s because people are at home more due to the COVID-19 pandemic or advancements in technology, Tweets about gaming in […]

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