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How Will Legal Sports Betting Impact Ohio’s Youth?

The start of legal sports betting last week has already changed the landscape of gambling in Ohio. With more adults engaging in gambling because of easy access to online betting and betting locations throughout the state, responsible gambling advocates are hard at work making sure that treatment is available and responsible gambling messages are spread. […]

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National Sportsbook Operators, Including Some in Ohio, Adopt Responsible Gaming Standards

Legal online sports betting has swept across the nation, including Ohio on January 1st, 2023. And as this form of legal gambling continues to spread across the country, ensuring that people engage in it responsibly is a rising concern for responsible gambling advocates. With different regulations and responsible gambling requirements from state-to-state, and a landscape […]

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Celebrating Military Family Appreciation Month

Families of those who serve in the military are too often overlooked. That’s why Military Family Appreciation Month this November is so important. Supporting a family member who has chosen to serve their country and community is a serious commitment. And with those actively serving and veterans at increased risk for problem gambling, supporting them […]

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If you’re concerned about your #SportsBetting habits and looking to stop yourself from being able to play, Ohio offers a program to help. It’s called Time Out Ohio. Learn more about it in this article from http://Cleveland.com: https://bit.ly/3IpQv9G
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A common myth of #SportsBetting is that playing the sport before gives you special knowledge. But winning a bet is actually decided by chance, not your experience. Get more tips for keeping your sports betting responsible at http://PauseBeforeYouPlay.org.
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W/ the legalization of #SportsBetting & the increase in access to this form of gambling, more Ohioans are at risk for developing a problem w/ gambling. But free help & local resources are available. Watch this video to learn more & access the resources at http://BeforeYouBet.org