Advanced Disordered Gambling Training

November 7, 2019 all-day
Recovery Resources - 4th Floor Training Room
4269 Pearl Road Cleveland
OH 44109
Michael Buzzelli
216-431-4131 x2612

Advanced Disordered Gambling Training 1 – Cleveland

This workshop introduces you to many aspects of technology both for clients and clinicians. You will learn about teletherapy as well as many other HIPAA compliant ways to integrate technology with your clients. Special emphasis on treating gambling but also an introduction to the next generation of clients seeking services.Recovery Resources – 4th Floor Training Room


If you’re struggling with gambling, support is always available to you. Make the call to the confidential, 24/7 #ProblemGamblingHelpline, to talk to a trained specialist with no commitments required. Make the call at 1-800-589-9966.
#BeforeYouBet #ProblemGambling #MakeTheCall

Gambling advertisements in the U.K. that feature celebrities, sports stars, and social media influencers will be banned under a new ruling. Read this week’s blog to learn more the decision and its potential impact: https://bit.ly/3OpkNKx
#BeforeYouBet #ResponsibleGambling

If gambling is starting to no longer be fun, consider calling the #ProblemGamblingHelpline. Trained specialists are available and offer free and confidential support. Call today at 1-800-589-9966.
#BeforeYouBet #ProblemGambling #MakeTheCall