Gambling Screens and Tribal Communities: Screening for Gambling Disorder

March 7, 2022 all-day
Rob Maya
(360) 352-6133

*This event was initially published incorrectly by NCPG, the live event was recorded on 2/25/22. A recording of the event is available below.

Gambling Screens and Tribal Communities:
Screening for Gambling Disorder
Recorded Live on: 2/25/2022

In this webinar we will focus on tribal services and offer tips and ideas for having compassionate conversations about problem gambling, facilitating gambling screens, improving access to care, and where to get help.

Watch it now on demand: https://www.evergreencpg.org/video/webinar-gambling-screens-and-tribal-communities/

We are producing two FREE live-streamed webinars leading up to PGAM that are designed to help you approach gambling disorder awareness and advocacy with cultural sensitivity and promote Gambling Disorder Screening Day: March 8, 2022. Visit our website to learn about these and other events coming up: https://www.evergreencpg.org/attend/


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