Change the Game

Unlock the Reality of Youth Gambling

The earlier we can address the issue, the more effective we can be at preventing youth gambling. That’s the mission of “Change the Game” – an initiative of Ohio for Responsible Gambling that’s designed to raise awareness in our community of the risks youth face around gambling. 

Exposure to gambling among young people happens innocently enough. From playing cards to friendly bets to video games and apps that simulate gambling behaviors – our youth are being exposed to gambling in more ways than most people know and that exposure puts them at greater risk of developing future gambling problems.

The national numbers speak for themselves.

  • 96% of Adolescents are Exposed to Gambling Ads
  • 60%-80% of High School Students Have Gambled for Money in the Past Year
  • 66% of Parents Never Talk to Their Kids About Gambling

Everyone has a role to play in protecting young people. “Change the Game” provides the resources and information people need to understand how they can help make a difference. By visiting ChangeTheGameOhio.org, community members can find:

  • Education for Parents – including Underage Gambling Facts & Stats, Discussion Guides & Teen Gambling Warning Signs.
  • Resources for Educators – including School Policy Ideas, Warning Signs of Student Gambling & Classroom Presentations.
  • Education for Youth – including Tools to Lower Your Risk, Gambling Warning Signs in Your Friends & Media Literacy Tools.

Together, we can all help protect young people from the risks of problem gambling. The first step that you can take is to truly understand the issue. Visit us online to test your knowledge about youth gambling.

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Today kicks off the 18th Annual Ohio Problem Gambling Conference! Not sure what #ProblemGambling looks like? Learn the common warning signs and risks of a problem with gambling at http://BeforeYouBet.org/the-issue/
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The 18th Annual Problem Gambling Conference, presented by the Problem Gambling Network of Ohio, starts next week! It will be held virtually every Tuesday and Thursday during March 2021, which is Problem Gambling Awareness Month. Learn more: https://pgnohio.org/conference/conference.html