Responsible Gambling Resources for the African American Community

February is African American History Month, and in recognition of this important time of year Before You Bet wants to remind Ohioans of the educational resources available specifically designed for the African American community.

Effective outreach and education are always a priority for Before You Bet and as suggested by a recent survey conducted by Ohio for Responsible Gambling, African Americans in Ohio are increasingly becoming at-risk for problem gambling.

According to a study conducted by the International Center for Responsible Gambling, gambling and gambling-related problems are common among all racial and ethnic groups in the United States. But new evidence is starting to suggest that African Americans are more likely to experience gambling-related consequences than white Americans.

To educate the African American community on the issue of problem gambling and how to gamble responsibly, the African American Community Toolkit and Public Service Announcement (PSA) videos were created to offer additional resources about responsible gambling. These resources encourage audience members to take the two-minute gambling quiz, set limits, and know their risks. 

Watch the short PSA below: 


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Ohio for Responsible Gambling sincerely thanks all organizations and individuals working to raise awareness about the importance of responsible gambling and the resources available to help prevent or treat problem gambling.

Learn more about responsible gambling at BeforeYouBet.org.


If you’re concerned about your #SportsBetting habits and looking to stop yourself from being able to play, Ohio offers a program to help. It’s called Time Out Ohio. Learn more about it in this article from http://Cleveland.com: https://bit.ly/3IpQv9G
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W/ the legalization of #SportsBetting & the increase in access to this form of gambling, more Ohioans are at risk for developing a problem w/ gambling. But free help & local resources are available. Watch this video to learn more & access the resources at http://BeforeYouBet.org