Our Mission

The State of Ohio, under the leadership of Governor John R. Kasich, formed Ohio for Responsible Gambling (ORG) to bring quality services and messaging to Ohio communities to reduce problem gambling and build awareness of resources available for prevention and treatment of gambling disorder. The Be the 95% awareness campaign is supported by funds collected through Ohio’s taxes on gambling.


Be the 95% is meant to provide education and to grow awareness of how to keep gambling fun for those who gamble and how to get help for those who need it.”


Gambling has long been part of the Ohio entertainment landscape and has been a large contributor toward school funding, with $803 million contributed to Ohio’s schools in 2013 alone from Ohio Lottery profits. The state’s view of gambling as entertainment includes bingo, raffles, horse races, scratch-off tickets, gaming tables, card games, electronic gaming and more.

In recent years, Ohio voters approved the expansion of gambling with four casinos and seven racetrack-based gambling sites. These new gambling locations are generating support for education, county government, law enforcement training, and prevention and treatment of addictions, including gambling disorder.

While gambling affords many Ohioans – and visitors from other states – opportunities for entertainment, too much gambling can result in serious consequences to the gambler, his/her family, friends, and employer. This is why it is becoming increasingly important to spread public awareness on responsible gambling practices as well as the dangers and risks involved with problem gambling.


The ORG coalition partners include:

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Ohio’s Gambling Helpline

Ohio has a large network of community-based service agencies that exist to help individuals and families impacted by too much gambling. Services are coordinated by each county Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board. Counseling for gambling disorder is available in most Ohio counties. Communities also have agencies that provide prevention and education for gambling issues.

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Responsible Gambling
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