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Who is at risk in ohio?

Males 18-44, of any race or ethnicity, are the largest at-risk group.

Women over age 50 and rural women are more likely to develop at-risk of problem gambling.

15% of Ohio Youth ages 12-17 are gambling, and 3% of them are experiencing negative consequences from gambling.

Nearly 1 of 4 at-risk or problem gamblers have someone in their families who has/had a gambling problem. Nearly half of at-risk or problem gamblers have someone in their families with an alcohol or drug abuse problem.

In a recent survey 24,000+ participants, 19% of African-Americans and 12% of “Other Race” were identified as at-risk or problem gamblers. For those of Hispanic ethnicity, nearly 15% were at-risk or problem gamblers.

Individuals who had the urge to use drugs or medications after a painful life event were most likely to be in the at risk/problem gambling group at 14.8%

26% of adults with serious depression are at-risk of problem gambling in Ohio.

Children introduced to gambling by age 12 are 4x more likely to develop a gambling problem.

What are the consequences of problem gambling?

Problem gamblers are twice as likely to gamble at casinos/racinos*

Problem gamblers are three times more likely to experience alcohol or drug dependency*

Problem gamblers are twice as likely to experience mood disorders, such as depression

*Results from Ohio’s 2012 Gambling Survey Overview
** Versus Non-Problem Gamblers

How are people gambling?

The two activities most likely to be associated with at-risk/problem gambling in Ohio were gambling in a casino/racino and sports gambling (online and fantasy football, sports bookie, horse racing).

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