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Who is at risk in ohio?

Men are almost twice as likely to be at-risk/problem gamblers as women, and they had the highest rates of at-risk/problem gambling when aged 18 to 24 and 65 and older.

Whites aged 18 to 25 years old were the most likely to be at-risk/problem gamblers, followed by African-Americans ages 25-64.

Individuals with behavior or mood disorders are at greater risk for problem gambling. People with personality characteristics such as high level of being competitive, or easily bored may be at greater risk for problem gambling.

What are the consequences of problem gambling?

People who have a gambling problem…

Are twice as likely to gamble at casinos*

Are three times more likely to have alcohol or drug problems*

Have twice the likelihood of depression*

*Results from Ohio’s 2012 Gambling Survey Overview
** Versus Non-Problem Gamblers

How are people gambling?

A majority of gamblers participated in lottery gambling (72.7%) or other forms of gambling (73.3%; e.g., Bingo), and a modest percentage (26.8%) participated in casino gambling even though the casinos and racinos had not yet opened in Ohio when the survey was done.*

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